"You guys are not bums, you're bees, Stum-ble-beeeeeez!"
- Bill Cosby

"The Stumblebums come in spewing profanities about Lady Gaga with a rasp Louis Armstrong would admire."
- Jason Sheftell, New York Daily News

"Perhaps the only jazz outfit equally in debt to the Misfits and Louis Armstrong" - L Magazine

"The Stumblebum Brass Band plays around the city quite a bit, and how lucky we are to have an upbeat, down-South trio to jump and jive to." - Time Out New York

Word on the street is they're the loudest, most interesting thing happening in the city right now. - Brian Niemetz, New York Post

"Rousing Anthems" - C.J. Smith, MTV News

"The lo-fi energy of a marching band and the punk aesthetics of the Lower East Side" - culturebot.org

"The Stumblebum Brass Band's gritty, whiskey-soaked songs like 'Smokin' and Drinkin' rile up guests with Mardi Gras verve."
- New York Magazine

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